VU University, main building
Auditorium (1st Floor)
De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam

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Day 1 October 10, 2013

  • 8:30 AM Registration and coffee
  • 9:30 AM Welcome and introduction Phillip Scheltens
  • 9:35 AM Keynote lecture – invited speaker Ellen Nollen (University Medical Centre Groningen)ellen-nollen
    Regulation of toxic protein aggregation in age-related neurodegenerative diseases
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  • 10:30 AM Coffeebreak @ Foyer

Session Genetics and Epigenetics

Chair: Paul Lucassen and Jeroen Hoozemans

  • 11:00 AM Invited report John van Swieten (Erasmus Medical Center)john-van-swieten
    Genetics of dementia: from patient to bench
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  • 11:30 AM Selected talk Henne Holstege (VU University Medical Center)
    Introducing the “100-plus study”: preserved cognitive health at extreme old age
  • 11:45 AM Selected talk Ellen Hubin (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
    Antiparallel β-sheet architecture of Italian-mutant amyloid-β fibrils and their effect on neurotoxicity
  • 12:00 PM Elevator pitches
    1. Koen Bossers (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience)
    2. Sandra Mulder (VU University Medical Center)
    3. Saskia van der Vies (VU University Medical Center)
    4. Juliette Kamp (Leiden University Medical Center)
    5. Nikolay Kuzmin (VU University)
    6. Susanne van Veluw (University Medical Center Utrecht)
    7. Erik Bakker (Academic Medical Center)
    8. Floor Duits (VU University Medical Center)
    9. Debby van Dam (University Medical Centre Groningen)
    10. Andrea Rosenberger (VU University Medical Center)
  • 12:30 PM Lunch and postermarket @ Foyer

Session Vascular Pathology

Chair: Mat Daemen and Micha Wilhelmus

  • 2:00 PM Invited report Mat Daemen (Academic Medical Center)Mat Daemen
    The effects of cardiovascular dysfunction on cerebral structure and function
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  • 2:30 PM Selected talk Anne-Sophie Bronzwaer (Leiden University Medical Center)
    Contribution of cardiac performance on cerebral perfusion ‘The heart-brain axis’
  • 2:45 PM Selected talk Mieke de Jager (VU University Medical Center)
    The blood-derived transglutaminase Factor XIII forms complexes with Aβ and is both present and catalytically active in Aβ deposition in cerebral amyloid angiopathy
  • 3:00 PM Selected talk Elisanne Biemans (Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre)
    The hCMEC/d3 cell line is not suitable as a model for Aβ transport by the human blood-brain barrier
  • 3:15 PM Selected talk Edo Richard (Academic Medical Center)
    Vascular risk factors and the brain – can we prevent dementia?
  • 3:30 PM Teabreak @ Foyer

Session Disease Mechanisms I

Chair: Jeroen Hoozemans and Micha Wilhelmuselly-hol

  • 4:00 PM Invited report Elly Hol (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience)
    Amyloid-β associated neuroinflammation and astrocyte dysfunction
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  • 4:30 AM Selected talk Divya Raj (University Medical Centre Groningen)
    Priming of Microglia in a DNA-Repair Deficient Model of Accelerated Aging
  • 4:45 AM Selected talk Guus Scheefhals (CrossBeta Biosciences)
    Efficient Alzheimer’s disease drug screening using stable Aβ1-42 oligomers
  • 5:00 PM Keynote lecture GJ Biessels (University Medical Center Utrecht)
    on behalf of the UMC Utrecht VCI study groupGeert-Jan-Biessels
    Advanced MRI studies of the vascular burden in dementia
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  • 6:00 PM Drinks @ Foyer

Day 2 October 11, 2013

  • 8:30 AM start with coffee
  • 9:30 AM Welcome and introduction Phillip Scheltens
  • 9:35 AM Keynote lecture – invited speaker Dominic WalshDominic-Walsh (Harvard Institute of Medicine, Boston MA, USA)
    Coming to grips with brain-derived water-soluble Aβ and its interaction with the Prion protein
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  • 10:30 AM Coffeebreak

Session Disease Mechanisms II

Chair: Wiep Scheper and Jeroen Hoozemans

  • Kerensa-Broersen11:00 AM Invited report –  Kerensa Broersen (University of Twente)
    Molecular insight into amyloid beta peptide heterogeneity: a biophysics and in silico approach
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  • 11:30 AM Selected talk Céline Heldring (VU University)
    Increased hippocampal extracellular matrix causes cognitive decline in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
  • 11:45 AM Selected talk Judith van der Harg (Academic Medical Center)
    The metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease: The UPR as mechanistic connection
  • 12:00 PM Selected talk Micha Wilhelmus (VU University Medical Center)
    Tissue transglutaminase: a potential therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease overlooked
  • 12:15 PM Selected talk Pieter Naudé (University Medical Centre Groningen)
    Lipocalin 2: novel inflammatory actor in Alzheimer’s disease
  • 12:30 PM Lunch and postermarket @ Foyer

Session Early Diagnosis and Biomarkers

Chair: Micha Wilhelmus and Marcel Verbeek

  • 2:00 PM Invited report Marcel Verbeek (Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre)
    CSF biomarkers for dementia disorders: more than Aβ and tau proteins?
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  • 2:30 PM Selected talk Carlo Sala Frigerio (VIB, Leuven)
    Reduced expression of hsa-miR-27a-3p in the cerebrospinal fluid of Alzheimer disease patients
  • 2:45 PM Selected talk Betty Tijms (VU University Medical Center)
    Single Subject grey matter graphs in Alzheimer’s disease
  • 3:00 PM Selected talk Özgül Uysal-Bozkir (Academic Medical Center)
    Diagnosis dementia in a Dutch migrant population: A new dementia screening battery for non-western migrant elders
  • 3:15 PM Selected talk Bea Kuiperij (Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre)
    CSF TDP-43 and tau levels improve discrimination of FTLD subtypes
  • 3:30 PM Tea break @ Foyer
  •  4:00 PM Keynote lecture Cees Stam (VU University Medical Center)
    Fingerprints of dementia: complex brain networks and cognitive dysfunction
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  • 5:00 PM End & drinks @ Foyer