TN2 Partners

tn2-partnersResearchers and clinicians

In TN2, we have assembled top-track researchers and clinicians, to provide a step-up to excellent research in Translational Neuroscience. In particular, we united top Neuroscience researchers in Amsterdam (VUmc/VU & UvA, KNAW-NIN) and Rotterdam (Erasmus MC) into one consortium.

The Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam is the coordinating institute. Leading scientists include Prof. dr. August Smit (scientific director), Prof. dr. Chris de Zeeuw (vice-director), Prof. dr. Pieter Roelfsema, Prof. dr. Cyriel Pennartz, Prof. dr. Philip Scheltens and Prof. dr. Arjen Brussaard (managing director). Currently TN2 collectively gathers around 1000 Neuroscientists, with over 250 PhD students.

 Joined forces

Within TN2, 25 Dutch neuroscientists join forces to capitalize on advances in genetics, brain function research, unique patient cohorts and refined disease models at many levels to obtain information crucial to memory processing and related cognitive disorders. TN2 unites top-track basic and clinical researchers of 4 institutes in two cities (VUmc/VU & UvA, KNAW-NIN, and ErasmusMC/EUR) into one consortium, providing a major boost to neuroscience research excellence.

Experienced researchers and talented junior researchers

Focused at memory processing and related cognitive disorders, we will identify key principles of molecular, cellular and system function and initiate the translation of our findings into therapies.
TN2 hosts a mix of experienced researchers with long track records in the field and a group of talented junior researchers.

TN2 is led by 6 main applicants: Guus Smit (chair), Chris De Zeeuw, Pieter Roelfsema, Cock Van Duijn, Cyriel Pennartz and Philip Scheltens, backed by 13 senior opinion leaders and 6 junior group leaders. Amongst the participants are many laureates including Beatrix-, Pionier-, VIDI-, VICI-, and ERC-grant recipients. The applicants and senior scientists have H-factors of 40-80, 30-60 citations per publication-item, and > 1000 citations per year.